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Gurudwara Sahib (Gurughar) the house of Holy Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The holy book is written, composed and complied by the Sikh Gurus themselves which is worshiped by every Sikh devotee. The Sikh Temple, symbol of freedom and spiritual independence for all devotees. In Sikhism it is a place to meditate, to offer prayers to the almighty . Akal Purakh who runs this whole universe. Every human being is welcomed in Gurudwara Sahib to get blessings of almighty.

Gurudwara Sahibs all around the world and many of them do have a relation with History. Historical Gurudwara, as the name defines it is all about the Historical Gurudwaras in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Nepal etc.

The main idea behind this site is to provide all possible information about these sacred places. We are trying to cover every Historical Gurudwara that has a specific relation in the history of Sikhism. The site will have every detail of these Historical Gurudwara Sahibs. The story behind the existence of the same. On this website you will find all the relevant information related to these historical places in Sikh history, right from the story to the pictures of the same. Moreover you will find the basic information about Sikh Religion and their ethics.

It is a move initiated to spread the message of holy Guru Sahibs to every human being and more importantly it will provide us a platform to share and learn all about these historical places that have played a special role in the history of Sikhism. We all are the children of almighty Akal Purakh and with his blessings we have created a platform where we can learn about those sacred places that are all around us.