Gurudwara Shri Ghat Sahib, Nangal



This Gurudwara Sahibs is situated in the Nangal Township, Nangal City in Ropar Distt. When SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI came, here used to be a satluj river bank. When the local boatman / Boat operators came to know about GURU SAHIB visiting the river bank to cross the river they all were very excited. They all decorated their boats as they wanted GURU SAHIB to sit in their boat. There was one another boatman named Saida, who was very poor and couldn't decorate his boat. All decorated boats were lined up but Saida's boat was at last. When GURU SAHIB reached here, He went to every boat and asked whos boat is this ?, Every owner came and told that this was his boat. When GURU SAHIB reached last boat and asked whos boat is this, Saida humbly replied GURU SAHIB it is yours's. GURU SAHIB got impressed with his reply. And sat in his boat. When GURU SAHIB reached on other side he offered gold coins to Bhai Saida. But he refused and said. GURU SAHIB you and me are doing same job. I am helping people to cross the river and and you are helping people cross this river of life. Kindly help me in crossing that. GURU SAHIB blessed him that not only you but your 21 generations will be free from cycle of live and death.

Gurudwara Shri Ghat Sahib, Nangal
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Nangal Township, Nangal City, Distt :- Ropar, Punjab, India

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