Gurudwara Shri Theri Sahib, Theri



This village is situated in Distt Mukatsar Sahib. SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI came here from village Gurusar Sahib. A Jogi named Hukum Nath lived here, who performed many miracles. When GURU SAHIB came here, Hukum Nath Jogi wanted to show his miracles, but GURU SAHIB took away all the miracles with the tip of his arrow, because of which Hukum Nath was very ashamed and left here overnight with his belongings.

Grave of Kasam Bhatti:- GURU SAHIB saluted the grave of Muslim here with an arrow. Singhs asked GURU SAHIB the reason for this. GURU SAHIB said that this was Singh's exam In which they succeeded and GURU SAHIB got a punishment of Rs 25, With this money Karah Parshad was prepared and served in the congregation.

Jand Sahib :- When GURU SAHIB came here, there were three small Jand trees from one mudh. GURU SAHIB hung his kamaraksa and weapons on these jand trees. Seeing that the jands were bent, the Singhs requested that these jand would not be able to bear the weight, and may break. GURU SAHIB blessed these , it will remain forever and thousands of beings will be blessed with its darshan. Those three Jand are now present in the form of full fledge tree

Gurudwara Shri Theri Sahib, Theri
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Village :- Theri, Distt :- Mukatsar, Punjab, India

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