Gurudwara Shri Naameana Sahib, Bhattiwal



Bhagat Namdev Ji was born to Mata Goni Bai and Father Dama Seth in 1270. Bhagat Namdev ji spent his childhood in his village Narsi Namdev, Maharashtra. Preaching the truth of life Bhagat Ji came reached village Ghumaan, Distt Gurdaspur via Gwalior, Mathura, Banaras, Delhi etc. Bhagat Ji meditated in the village Ghuman and nearby areas for 18 years. This being lonely place outside village, Bhagat Ji used to meditate here also. Bhagat Ji also got a Bhora Sahib dug and used to meditate in that. In this area there used to be a shortage of water, So nearby villagers requested for water source. Accepting their request Bhagat got a well dug in village Bhattiwal. For well, bricks were being made here. Later Bhagat Ji removed a stone and water started coming out. That place is srovar now. People suffering from different disease also take bath here.

Gurudwara Shri Naameana Sahib, Bhattiwal
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    Village :- Bhattiwal, Distt Gurdaspur, Punjab, India

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