Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Nauvin Sahib, Pandher


GURUDWARA SHRI PATSHAHI NAUVIN SAHIB, is situated in village Pander, Distt Barnala.

History according to History Board in Gurdwara Sahib :- SHRI GURU TEGBAHADUR SAHIB JI came here while on malwa tour. GURU SAHIB came here from Village Dhilwan. Along with GURU SAHIB, the Singhs told the people sitting in the village that the SHRI GURU TEGH BAHADUR JI has come to their town. And they have to spend the night. The people of the village told GURU SAHIB about this place and GURU SAHIB set foot here. Then GURU SAHIB told the Sikhs to go ahead and spend the night. The wishes of those who attend with devotion will be fulfilled. From here GURU SAHIB went to Alisher.

History according to Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha :- SHRI GURU TEGH BAHADUR SAHIB came here from village Mour. He did not camp as the villagers were disrespectful. Where the horse stayed for some time, there is Gurdwara Sahib built now. From this place GURU SAHIB went to Alisher.

Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Nauvin Sahib, Pandher
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Village Pandher, Distt Barnala. Punjab, India

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