Gurudwara Shri Dulamsar Sahib, Mauran


GURUDWARA SHRI DULAMSAR SAHIB, is situated in Village Mauran, Distt Barnala. SHRI GURU TEGBAHADUR SAHIB JI while living at Dhilwan used to come here and preach local people. GURU SAHIB used to come here at Dulmi Di Dhab. The mounds of Dulmi had been deserted and piled up long before the village of GURU SAHIB came here. In those days Maur Mana was in the south of Dulmi Dhab. The name of Dhilwan's maur was driven by a Jatt of Mann Got (Surname) named Dallo. At this place there used to be a ditch and a well in the herd of curry which is still present. Related to this place is the story of a Jatt named Dallo who was a resident of Moran. He used to keep cows in this place. During the time when GURU SAHIB was staying at dhilwan, he used to bring milk of cows in GURU SAHIb's service, being happy, GURU SAHIB gave a turban to Dallo. When he came home with the turban, his wife gave the turban to Marasi of the village. The next day when he came with milk, he did not have the turban given to him. GURU SAHIB asked Dallo where is your turban then Dallo told the truth. GURU SAHIB said, "Bhai, we have given you GURU NANAK DEV JI's Sidhant Satnaam Waheguru Gurmantra to strengthen you, so that you can become the leader of the team, but you are the slave of your wife." We wanted to make you a team leader.

Gurudwara Shri Dulamsar Sahib, Mauran
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Village :- Mauran, Distt :- Barnala, Punjab, India

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