Gurudwara Shri Bunga Sahib, Bunga


GURUDWARA SHRI BUNGA SAHIB is situated in Village Bunga Distt. Ropar, 5 km south of Kiratpur Sahib on Kiratpur Ropar road. It is situated on the left side while coming from Kiratpur Sahib to Ropar. GURUDWARA SHRI BUNGA SAHIB, also called GURUDWARA SHRI CHUBACHCHA SAHIB, dedicated to SHRI GURU HAR RAI SAHIB JI. GURU SAHIB complying with his predecessor`s instruction, continued to maintain at Kiratpura body of armed Sikhs, 2,200 strong. Bunga was the place where their horses were kept. At the back of the GURUDWARA SAHIB, there is a row of rooms one of which has within it a square pit symbolizing the original chubachcha or trough where the horse feed was mixed. From this the shrine came to be called CHUBACHCHA SAHIB. The main building of the shrine stands on a high base, about 10 meters above the level of the canal bank. A double story gateway opens out on the main hall.

Gurudwara Shri Bunga Sahib, Bunga
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