Gurudwara Shri Datansar Sahib, Mukatsar


GURUDWARA SHRI DATANSAR SAHIB is situated in the Mukatsar CIty. From Tibbi Sahib once SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI arrived here for brushing his teeth, (with twig,) in morning. A Mughal soldier who was in the attire of sikh, attacked GURU SAHIB from behind. GURU SAHIB reacted swiftly and hit the utensil (that he had with him) on the head of the soldier. The Mughal soldier was killed on the spot. The grave of the Mughal soldier is also present on the east side of GURUDWARA SAHIB. The pilgrims hits his grave 5 times with his shoes on the directions of GURU SAHIB.

Gurudwara Shri Datansar Sahib, Mukatsar
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Mukatsar Sahib City, Punjab, India

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