Gurudwara Shri Nim Sahib, Kaithal


GURUDWARA SHRI NIM SAHIB is situated in Distt City Kaithal. SHRI GURU TEGBAHADUR SAHIB JI while on Malwa tour reached here via Dhamtan- Jach. On the way to Kaithal GURU SAHIB met Bhai Mala Ji. GURU SAHIB asked him is any body God fearing person in Kaithal. Bhai Mala ji replied that there are two families of Bania ad one of Trakhans. GURU SAHIB took him along to Kaithal. Whne they reached nearby, Bhai Mala Ji asked where would you like to go first. GURU SAHIB replied that whose ever house is nearby. Bhai Mala Ji brought GURU SAHIB to Bhai Jugat tarkhans house, and asked him to come out as GURU SAHIB himslef has came to his house. He received GURU SAHIB with great devotion and served GURU SAHIB. In Morning GURU SAHIB took bath and rested under Nim Tree. Large number of people started gathering as news spread of GURU SAHIB's arrival. There was one person suffering from fever. GURU SAHIB gave him nim tree leafs to eat. And cured him from fever. Later on the request of Bania Families GURU SAHIB went to there house in after noon. GURU SAHIB did Katha Kirtan there and blessed that Katha Kirtan will go on here. In the evening GURU SAHIB came back to Jugat Tarkhans House and rested under Nim Tree.

Gurudwara Shri Nim Sahib, Kaithal
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