Gurudwara Shri Mai Bhago Sahib, Janwada


GURUDWARA SHRI MAI BHAGO JI is situated in the village Janwada, Distt Bidar Karanatka. Its 15 km from GURUDWARA SHRI NANAK JHEERA SAHIB, Bidar. MAI BHAGO JI accompanied SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI after the battle of Mukatsar till Nanded. After the parlok gaman of GURU SAHIB, MATA JI stayed and meditated at nanded. When GURU SAHIB rescued Rustam Rao and Bala Rao of Janwada from Satara Fort, they reached Nanded and told the Sinhgs whole story how GURU SAHIB helped them. For some time they stayed at Nanded and then expressed there wish to go to Janwada and also asked Sikhs for help. They asked Sinhgs, that some Singhs may accompany them to Janwada and save them from future attacks. None of the Singhs agreed to leave Sachkhand Sahib. Finally Mai Bhago ji accompanied Rustam Rao and Bala Rao to Janwada. Mata Ji stayed at there Garhi and Meditated for the rest of her life. She daily used to visit GURUDWARA SHRI NANAK JHIRA SAHIB, BIDAR.

Gurudwara Shri Mai Bhago Sahib, Janwada
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    Village :- Janwada, Distt :- Bidar, Karanatka, India

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