Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Chevin Sahib, Kharak Singh Wala


GURDWARA SRI PATSHAHI CHEVIN SAHIB, is situated in Village Kharak Singhwala, Distt Barnala. SRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI came here from village Takhtupura Sahib during his journey to Malwa. Coming to this place, GURU SAHIB rested. The sangat served GURU SAHIB with milk and langar Pleased, GURU SAHIB blessed with son and food. At this place the sangat of village Yusufpura came and requested GURU SAHIB to visit their village also. GURU SAHIB said, "we don't have time yet, we will come again." The sangat discussed among themselves how to take him. Then a man from the sangat said if the sangat gives permission then I can take GURU SAHIB. After the permission of the sangat, the man stole GURU SAHIB's gold stirrups and saddle and took it to Yusufpura. When the next morning GURU SAHIB got ready to leave, the Sikhs searched for saddles and stirrups, but could not find them. Then GURU SAHIB said that the sangat of Yusufpura came yesterday, one of them stole the saddle and stirrups. And now get ready to go to Yusufpura. On the arrival of GURU SAHIB the sangat os yusufpura, gathered and GURU SAHIB said you have stolen our saddle and stirrup, Then the sangat said, we did not steal, we have brought it our village to force you to come here. GURU SAHIB said happily, "You are the ones who brought us." From that day the name of that village became Himmatpura The sangat rendered great service to GURU SAHIB. Even after searching a lot, if not found, then GURU SAHIB simply said, "some crazy must have taken". Even now Someone goes mentally upset from family of the man who stole the stirrups.

Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Chevin Sahib, Kharak Singh Wala
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Village :- Kharak Singh wala, Distt :- Barnala, Punjab, India

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