Gurudwara Shri Sapnisar Sahib, Bhadour


GURUDWARA SHRI SAPNISAR PATSHAHI DASVIN is situated at Bhadour Town in Distt Barnala. Long time ago, King Bhadarsen has made this village, Bhador his capital. Around 1800 Years ago, The Satluj River use to flow near this village, towards the south on the distance of 1 Mile, and crosses the Bathinda Fort. This River is now 60 Miles Far. Suraj Kala, The Daughter of the king Bhadarsen, used to take bath on the bank of river, One day when she reached there with her friends on the river, She saw a saint, named Bishan Dass, was taking bath there.

On watching this, princess asked him that why he is taking bath at their place, This is Ladies bath place not for males. On his reply, he said that this is a forest and thats why he took bath but in future he will not do this again. Instead of forgiving him the Suraj Kala started talking too much in aggressive way and also misbehaved with him, as by hearing her words saint got disappointed and angrily he said that your tongue is like a snake, Too long. After listening these words, she got to know that she had been cursed and after realising her mistake she fell on the feet of saint and asked for forgiveness. Showing pity on her saint said that you will be get free from this omen only at the time when the 10th successor of GURU NANAK DEV JI, GURU GOBIND SINGH JI will come with his gursikhs to this place he will transmigrate your soul. In 1762 a.d, while hunting, from Dina crossing Buraj , SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI reached Bhadour, Place of Raja Bhadarsen where now GURUDWARA SAHIB is located. They set up the Diwan there. At that time a snake came there GURU SAHIB said to his followers to give space to this snake. Snake came near GURU SAHIB and kept her head on GURU SAHIB's feet and GURU SAHIB put the edge of his arrow on her head and her soul got free, then GURU GOBIND SINGH JI ordered to bury the corpse of snake. GURU SAHIB narrated whole story that How Suraj Kala became snake to all who were gathered there. This GURUDWARA SAHIB is also known as AKAL YANTRA. From this place GURU SAHIB went to Dina Sahib. GURU SAHIB also gave his followers there his SMALL KIRPAN, and five arrows which belonged to the Gursikhs. These sacred Belongings are still preserved here.

Gurudwara Shri Sapnisar Sahib, Bhadour
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