Gurudwara Shri Shahihdan Sahib, Ladhewal

GURUDWARA SHRI SHAHEEDAN SAHIB is situated in the Village Ladhewal Teh Mahalpur Distt. Hoshirapur. This GURUDWARA SAHIB is in the remembrance of SAHIBZADA AJIT SINGH JI. Owner of Bassi Hakam Jabar Khan used to torture the local Hindu’s residents and used to kidnap the local girls for indecent purposes. In context to this, Hakam Jabar Khan forcibly kidnapped the newly wedded wife of poor Brahmin Devi Das and took her to his palace. On this poor Brahmin Devi Das went to various religious leaders but nothing much was done. So finally he went to SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI at Anandpur Sahib and asked for his help on this. After listening to the disheartening story of poor Brahmin Devi Das, GURU SAHIB ordered SAHIBZADA AJIT SINGH JI along with 200 Brave Singhs to do justice in this issue. SAHIBZADA AJIT SINGH JI attacked Basi area where Hakam Jabar Khan was spending his evening time. After a long fight with Hakam Jabar Khan, he was arrested and was tied up. Newly wedded wife of poor Brahmin Devi Das was handed over to him safely and SAHIBZADA AJIT SINGH JI started helping his wounded Singhs who came along with him. On Monday evening they reached this place where Gurudwara Sahib is situated. Some of the Singhs died in the night as their condition was quite bad. So SAHIBZADA AJIT SINGH JI himself did all the final rituals of these Singhs on Tuesday morning. After this he ordered rest of the singhs to move to Anandpur Sahib. In the Remembrance of SAHIBZADA AJIT SINGH JI and brave singhs who died here, this Gurudwara Sahib is situated. Every Tuesday there is big get together that does happen here. People from various places come here to get the blessings of their GURU SAHIB.

Gurudwara Shri Shahihdan Sahib, Ladhewal

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