Gurudwara Shri Jand Sahib, Lahli Kalan


GURUDWARA SHRI JAND SAHIB is situated in the Village Lahli Kalan of Hoshiarpur Distt. On the eve of Diwali SHRI GURU HARRAI SAHIB JI spent three days, while going to Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) along with his battalion of 2200 horse riders. GURU SAHIB tied his horse to a tree of JAND, which is still here in the Gurudwara premises. Aurangzeb played game and made Dara Shikoh eat a hair of Lion’s Moustache because of which Dara Shikoh was suffering from bad health. He came here for seek GURU SAHIB's help from Delhi. GURU SAHIB aided Dara Shikoh with his medicine (5 TOLA of Young HARAD and 3 MAASE DA EK LONG). With this medicine Dara Shikoh felt better and he gifted GURU SAHIB a saddle made of silver metal along with a Horse. Moreover, expensive gifts were also presented as a tribute.

Gurudwara Shri Jand Sahib, Lahli Kalan
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Village :- Lahli Kalan, Near Chabbewal, Distt :- Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India

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