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GURUDWARA SHRI THADA SAHIB is situated in the Samana city Distt Patiala. When SHRI GURU TEG BAHADUR SAHIB JI started his journey towards Delhi, He came cam here via-Kiratpur Sahib, Bharatgarh Sahib, Ropar, Makar, Kabulpur, Bahadurgarh and Moti Baag. GURU SAHIB came here to the place of Sai Anayat Ali. Adjoining was the Area of Cruel Muslim, who had thrown Cow Bone in the well when GURU SAHIB's sikh went there for water. After that GURU SAHIB got a well dug there. Bhikhan Shah owner of the near by Garhi was also great follower of GURU SAHIB, He offered lots of gift for GURU SAHIB. One day Nawab Bjikhan Shah met Muslim Soldiers who came here to arrest GURU SAHIB. On conversation Nawab Bhikhan Shah told them that Samana is place of Pure muslim so SIKH SURU Cannt stay here. And later he himself came to GURU SAHIB and told him the whole story and requested to Accompany with him to Garhi. Nawab requested GURU SAHIB that it will be shame on his family that we got you arrested from our home. So from here onwards GURU SAHIB left towards Nawab Bhikhan Shah's Garhi where GURUDWARA SHRI GARHI SAHIB is situated.

Pictures Taken on 14-Feb, 2009.
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    Samana Mandi
    District :- Patiala
    State :- Punjab.
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