Gurudwara Sri Dehra Sahib, Manimajra


GURUDWARA SHRI DEHRA SAHIB MATA RAJ KAUR, is situated in the Manimajra town in Chandigarh. MATA RAJ KAUR JI, wife of SHRI RAM RAI JI(SHRI GURU HAR RAI SAHIB JI"s son), got upset with her husband & came from Dehradun to Manimajra & stayed here. RAM RAI JI had changed a verse in Baani in order to please Aurangzeb, where in place of " Mitti Musalmaan Di" was changed to " Mitti Be-Imaan Di". MATA RAJ KAUR JI was a great follower of SHRI GURU NANAK DEV JI & Guru Ghar. MATA RAJ KAUR JI was not able to bear the disrespect & left RAM RAI JI and came to Manimajra. After coming to Manimajra, MATA RAJ KAUR JI did lot of worship & people became followers of MATA JI. Once during rainy season, when beam of MATA RAJ KAUR JI"s house started to collapse, MATA JI sent one of her follower to a wealthy person Bhaara Mall & who told Bhaara mall that beam of MATA JI's house is about to collapse & MATA JI has asked to get a pillar put underneath the beam. Bhaara Mall did not pay any attention to this. Then MATA JI sent her follower to Garibu Jatt. Garibu Jatt cut a the trunk of a Ber tree & placed it underneath the beam overnight. MATA JI got pleased with his service & asked him for his wish. Garibu requested with folded hands that his generations to come should not become a subject of the King but they should become Kings. MATA JI gave him a boon that he will become a King & Bhaara Mall will be a tenant under him. With the boon of MATA RAJ KAUR JI, Garibu Jatt became a King & Bhaara Mall a tenant.

This article is written in Bhai Santokh Singh's "Sooraj Prakash" on page number 4715-4718. GURUDWARA SHRI MANJI SAHIB was the residential house of MATA RAJ KAUR JI. MATA JI left for heavenly abode at that place and her cremation was done at this place (Gurudwara Shri Dehra Sahib). Whoever comes to visit MATA JI's interment, all their wishes are fulfilled.

When SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI came from battle of Bhangani during Samat 1745 Bikrami 28 Kattak Soodi 15, came to Kapaal Mochan, then GURU JI went by foot from Kapaal Mochan via Rani Raipur, reached MATA RAJ KAUR's place in Manimajra on Maghar Vadi 10 Samat 1745 Bikrami. GURU JI spent some time with MATA JI and told her that whenever she calls for him, He will surely come for her service. GURU JI went from here to his follower Saadak Chaudhary Nihang Khan at village Kotla & reached there on Masseya. This article is available in Martyr Bilaas Bhai Mani Singh poet Seva Singh Kaushal literary production.

Khalsa Ji, MANJI SAHIB GURUDWARA is a Holy place where MATA RAJ KAUR JI & SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI visited & made this Manimajra village a holy place. Whoever comes to this place with devotion, all their wishes are fulfilled.

Gurudwara Sri Dehra Sahib, Manimajra
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