Gurudwara Shri Sant Sagar Baoli Sahib, Gendikhatha


GURUDWARA SANT SAGAR BAOLI SAHIB is situated in the Village Gendikhatha, Distt Haridwar, Uttrakhand. Its 20 km from Haridwar on Nazibabad Road. In 1565, SHRI GURU NANAK DEV JI after visiting Nanakmata, Kashipur, Kotdwar and Naziabad came to this sacred place in the month of July-Aug. At that time GURU SAHIB was of 40 years of age. SHRI GURU NANAK DEV JI spent 3 months and 13 days while doing meditation here. During these days GURU SAHIB presented a gift of Amrit in the form of Bauli sahib to the local people and even today they are enjoying the water of this Bauli Sahib. This place was a Khatri garden. The Khatri came to his garden and saw the three saints and bowed down in front of them . Then he started visiting every day. One day a Mannmukh asked Khatri where he was going. Khatri said that he goes to the forest to visit Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Manmukh asked if he can also come along, they both walked together. On the way, Manmukh went to the house of a prostitute. Khatri went to see Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Both of them advised that whoever comes first should come to this place and wait for the other one. In this way for some time Khatri kept going to see Guru Sahib and Munnmukh kept going to do evil deeds at prostitute's house. One day Manmukh went to the house of a prostitute and she was not at home. He came back sad and started waiting for Khatri at decided place. Manmukh sat down and started digging the ground, then he found a Gold coin The Khatri, on the other hand, was returning from a visit to Guru Sahib a thorn got stuck in the foot and he reached the spot limping. Manmukh laughed and said, "Dear Khatri, you used to associate with Sants. Sants crippled you and I used to go to do evil deeds and I have found a Gold Coin." What is the reason for this? Khatri Pyare said let's go and ask Guru Sahib. Both went to Guru Sahib and asked their question Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Bala Mardana Ji got up and walked to the place where they had found the Gold Coin. Guru Sahib asked Manmukh to dig there. A pot was found after digging the ground In which were extinguished charcoal. Then Guru Sahib said Manmukh you had given a Gold coin donation to a saint in the previous life and that donation was increasing and this vessel was full. When you started committing evil deeds in this life, all these Gold coins became coal. And on other side when thorn stuck in his foot he was to be crucified at that time, but due to the company of Sants, he got thorn stuck in his foot. From this place Guru Sahib went to Haridwar. GURDWARA SAHIB is situated on the Haridwar-Najibabad Road at the Bridge Toll Barrier.

Gurudwara Shri Sant Sagar Baoli Sahib, Gendikhatha
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Village :- Gaindakhata, Haridwar - Nazibabad Road, Distt :- Haridwar, Uttrakhand, India

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