Gurudwara Shri Amb Sahib, Bhairowal


GURUDWARA SHRI AMB SAHIB is situated in the Bhairowal Village of Tarn Taran Distt.

Son's Boon to Bhai Khema Ji - Resident of Village Bhairowal:-
When SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI was going from CHAAPRI SAHIB to KHADOOR SAHIB, on the way He took rest at Bhairowal town (Bhairowal Sahib). There were many Sikh followers including BHAI GURDASS JI & BABA BUDDA JI. There was an old Sikh follower whose age was 70 years, Bhai Khema Ji, who used to stay in Village Bhairowal. He had no children. He served GURU SAHIB & his followers with a great zeal. Pleased with his service, GURU SAHIB asked him his wish to which he said that he wanted a son. GURU JI gave a boon to Bhai Khema for a son & respectfully started his journey from Bhairowal to KHADOOR SAHIB. Like this, at the age of 70, the Sikh follower Bhai Khema Ji was blessed with a son as a result of boon given by SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI.


When Emperor Akbar came to Lahore, the Khatris and Brahmins complained him that SRI GURU AMARDASS JI at Goindwal Sahib has started a new religion. He has given up the old scriptures and customs. He doesn't even know that the great hymn from Hindu scriptures is Gayatri & neither does he recite the same. He has made his own religious scripture and recites only that. He has created a danger to the Hindu religion. On listening to their complaint, Akbar assured them that he will speak to GURU SAHIB and get them justice. After this Akbar sent a message to GURU SAHIB stating that the Khatris and Brahmins are complaining against Him. He should come to Lahore and give an answer to their complaints. On getting Akbar's message, SRI GURU AMARDASS JI asked BHAI JETHA JI (SRI GURU RAMDASS JI) to go to Lahore. On listening GURU SAHIB's order, BHAI JETHA JI requested that he had not studied any Shastras so how would he give answers to the questions asked in the meeting. GURU SAHIB, with his kindness, said that He need not worry. In the court of the Emperor, whenever someone asks you a question, you start thinking about me and look towards your right arm. You will get the knowledge about all the Vedas and Shastras. You would be able to answer all the questions without any difficulty. After getting GURU SAHIB's blessings, BHAI JETHA JI started his journey to Lahore. At night, He took rest at his house in Choona Mandi Lahore. Next morning, after offering prayers, he went to the Emperor's court. In the court, in presence of Akbar, he gave an answer to the complaints of Khatris & brahmins regarding Gayatri, in a very peaceful manner. Before giving an answer to the complaint, BHAI JETHA JI recalled the words told to him by GURU SAHIB & while looking towards his right arm. He recited the Gayatri prayers and then explained its meaning also. After hearing the meanings with vocals, everyone including the complainants were amazed and were not able to ask any further question. listening to meaning filled answer given by BHAI JETHA JI, the Emperor got very happy and pointed the complainants as liers and addressed SRI GURU AMARDASS JI as heavenly figure. Emperor presented a robe of honor to BHAI JETHA JI before bidding him farewell respectfully. After getting respect from the court, when BHAI JETHA JI was passing through the market, at one of the shop he saw a very beautiful & expensive cloth. He wanted to get a gown for GURU JI from this cloth. But due to shortage of money, BHAI JI couldn't get it done. On the other hand, SRI GURU AMARDASS JI while sitting in the royal court at SRI GOINDWAL SAHIB, was moving his arms over his chest in order to remove wrinkles from the gown. When Bhai Ballu Ji inquired about that Maharaj, why are you doing so ? GURU SAHIB replied that BHAI JETHA JI got him a gown sewn from Lahore & he was getting him to wear it..

The next day when BHAI JETHA JI started from Lahore to Goindwal Sahib, he saw nonseasonal mango's in the market. Looking at the beauty of nonseasonal mango's, BHAI JI thought that he should take this beautiful gift for GURU SAHIB. BHAI JI bought a mango for one rupee and started towards Goindwal Sahib. BHAI JETHA JI spent a night on the way, he reached village Bhairowal (Now known as BHAIROWAL SAHIB) near Goindwal Sahib. After taking rest at Bhairowal village, when BHAI JI started his journey again, But he noticed that the juice started flowing from the mangoes. The mangoes might not reach GURU SAHIB. BHAI JETHA JI thought about SRI GURU AMARDASS JI & said " Hey GOD, this nonseasonal mangoes was bought for you but due to the hot weather, this fruit has started dripping. Kindly accept it and fulfill my desire". Like this, after offering prayers, BHAI JETHA JI ate the mangoes at Bhairowal only. At the other end, SRI GURU RAMDASS JI was eating the mangoes and enjoying it at Goindwal Sahib. GURU SAHIB asked Bhai Billu to keep the seed in the window. When BHAI JETHA JI came and told GURU SAHIB about the whole story which happened with Akbar, he was very pleased to know about it. Then GURU SAHIB asked that what had he brought from Lahore city for him to which BHAI JETHA JI replied with folded hands " You are divine, What can I say? I got a beautiful gown stitched for you in my heart only & I also bought a nonseasonal mangoes which started dripping due to heat. I ate it by remembering you at Bhairowal." GURU SAHIB after listening to this story said that he had eaten the sweet and beautiful fruit that he had brought for him from lahore and has kept the seeds. Then Bhai Ballu Ji brought the seed from the window and showed it to BHAI JETHA JI (SRI GURU RAMDASS JI).

Gurudwara Shri Amb Sahib, Bhairowal
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