Gurudwara Shri Saidrana Sahib, BilliBraich


GURUDWARA SHRI SAIDRANA SAHIB is situated in Village BilliBraich Distt Jalandhar. SHRI GURU HARRAI SAHIB JI came here while coming back from Kiratpur Sahib along with his army of 2200 Horse riders. GURU SAHIB reached here at Mala Kasba, This place was small city surrounded by dense forest. Earlier a rich person from this area Bhawaangir visited GURU SAHIB at Kartarpur Sahib and requested to visit this area. At that time it was summers. So GURU SAHIB promised that he will come in winters. Fulfilling his promise GURU SAHIB came here. In those days here was Jand tree. Singhs tied their horse and started searching for water. Singhs requested GURU SAHIB for water. GURU SAHIB pulled out his arrow and shooted. Further he asked his Singhs to dig the arrow. When started digging a sweet water coming started out. Then GURU SAHIB asked his Singhs to go and call Bhawangir who is from this area. Before Singhs reaches his House, Some one from village told him about GURU SAHIB\"s visit. He was worried that there are so many Singhs with GURU SAHIB, How will he manage them. He was having everything but just his thoughts pulled him back and he asked his family members that if any one from GURU SAHIB come to ask about him just tell them that hes not here. And he himself hided in house. GURU SAHIB sent his Singh three times, But every time his family answered the same. then GURU SAHIB said \"je nahi hai ta fer nahi sahi\" In same city there was another follower of GURU SAHIB Fakir Fateh Shah Aulia. When he came to know that Bhawaangir has done like this, He along with followers came here to meet GURU SAHIB and requested forgive Bhawaangir and this city. GURU SAHIB told him to relocate as this city will be demolished. And after some years That city was demolished and now theres no sign of that. GURU SAHIB also blessed follower of Fakir Fateh Shah Aulia that who so ever will come here with devotion, his wishes will be fulfilled. Later Sangat was coming, GURU SAHIB asked who are they and from where are they coming. Fakir ji replied that GURU SAHIB this is sangat of Village Billy, They brought Milk and other eatables for GURU SAHIB.

Gurudwara Shri Saidrana Sahib, BilliBraich
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Village :- BilliBraich Distt :- Jalandhar, Punjab, India

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