Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Dasvin Sahib, Rameana


GURUDWARA SHRI PATSHAHI DASVIN SAHIB, is situated in the village Rameana, Jaito Distt Faridkot. Once a farmer was plucking Dele (Capper Berries) in dense forest on the outskirts of Vill. Rameana. SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI saw him and asked that what was in his lappet. The farmer gave a handful of Capper Berries to GURU SAHIB from his lappet. GURU SAHIB put one berry in mouth, which was bitter. GURU SAHIB said that farmer thrice, to throw the berries. He threw away little amount each time and left with one fourth of berries. GURU SAHIB said if he would have thrown all the berries then the dark age of kalyug would have gone, and now the fourth part of kalyug will be left and it will also pass on with passage of time it will depart and the food of the place would be exported all over the world. It was here that GURU SAHIB tied his horse to the Jand tree and grabbed the Kaal in the form of snake and tied it around his waist. He was later got released at Gurdwara Sri Suhawa Sahib by mistake of Singhs.

Meeting of Majhails and GURU SAHIB

After this event, The Majhail Warriors (from Majha area of Punjab), who had fled away from Anandpur Sahib, arrived. They advised GURU SAHIB to leave enmity with Aurangjeb. They would help GURU SAHIB in settling the whole issue and able to follow Sikhi, but if GURU SAHIB remained in trouble with Mughals then it would lead to worries and pains and they would not able to follow sikhi. Their pitiful and shameful exhibition of cowardice made GURU SAHIB sad and he said that their advices were not required and remarked that where were they, when SHRI GURU ARJAN DEV JI, SHRI GURU TEGBAHADUR JI and Young Sahibzadas were martyred? Then GURU SAHIB said them to give in written, if they could not follow sikhi. The leaders of Majhails discussed among squad about their inability to compete with Mughals and should give in written to GURU SAHIB without any shame. The written document given to GURU SAHIB by Majha Sikhs is called Bedava. GURU SAHIB got news that the enemy forces were coming nearer so GURU SAHIB's and his sikhs started moving towards "Khidrana Di Dhab"(Mukatsar Sahib).

Bhai Maha singh and Mata Bhago discussed the whole issue that it was their misfortune (bad fate) and should not be happened. Bhai Maha Singh said Majhails that whosoever wanted to follow sikhi, cross the line then Join him. Some of them who were returning joined bhai Maha Singh and reached Khidrana di dhab, fought and attained martydom. They were 40 in number and so called Chali Muktas(as honored bySHRI GURU GOBIND SIGH JI.) This happened on 19 Visakh 1762 bikrami i.e 4 may 1705 AD.

Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Dasvin Sahib, Rameana
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